Life Care Planning

    Insight Rehab Consultants, LLC, is pleased to provide Life Care Planning Services.
    A Nurse Life Care Planner utilizes the nursing process in formulating a Life Care Plan with a scientific approach based on the standards of the American Nurses Association and the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners. The nursing practice is the foundation of Nurse Life Care Planning and it begins with an in-person, in-home interview and assessment of a catastrophically injured or chronically ill person utilizing a holistic approach. Utilization of the Life Care Plan is increasing within the legal and insurance industry as an accurate, thorough report with monetary assignment available and is beneficial to the process of liability settlement, reserve setting, title 15 settlements and arbitration.
    The Life Care Plan should be realistic and specific to the individuals needs, following them through the life span to ensure appropriate funds will be available to fulfill proper care needs. The home assessment, review of the medical records, collaboration with health care professionals to formulate and project estimated care, services and goods as well as living arrangements and research is incorporated in the development of the Life Care Plan. It is a tool for estimating medical care and non-medical needs and can be reviewed or modified if the situation changes. It includes a narrative with an introduction, chronology of review of medical records, resources, past medical history, current status and psychosocial history, as well as, the tables of costs and frequency of the medical care services and equipment needs broken down into system headings. The content can be modified based on the needs of the requesting party.Also available through Nurse Life Care Planning Services is a critique or review of the opposing counsels’ plan, item by item for a side by side comparison, to assist in preparation for mediation or trial. A Life Care Plan assists in the settlement process for litigation and within the insurance industry in establishing damages as it is a thorough document with monetary values assigned. 

    The process of providing a detailed product is time intensive in gathering all the necessary components and information. The time frame for completion varies according to the individual case. Utilization of all the necessary data is imperative to the process of determination of the projection of the future medical needs specific to the individual. It is to the best interest of the medically compromised individual and all parties involved that the in-person interview be conducted to assist in gathering objective and subjective information as well as awareness of environmental/home issues. At times additional assessments and medical records are needed for a comprehensive projection of all future needs of an individual; therefore, early identification of the need for a Life Care Planner is advisable. The costs of the Life Care Plan are based on current day dollars and do not reflect inflationary trends or any medical care trends as this should be determined by an economist.

    A Cost Analysis or Estimate is similar to a Life Care Plan in that it projects medical and equipment needs. This typically does not include a home visit and is based on medical record review and/or video and is more commonly used for mediation purposes and with workman’s compensation claims to set reserves for a more limited injury. It typically does not include a detailed narrative, but could be flexible to include a chronology or assessment if requested.

    In summary, Life Care Plans provide an individualized, comprehensive, flexible document of future medical and non-medical needs and the associated costs to follow the individual’s needs through the life span.  Contact Insight Rehab Consultants, LLC today for assistance with your Life Care Planning needs!

    Members: AANLCP (American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners), CMSA (Case Management Society of America)
    Professional Nurse Licensures: Indiana
    National Certifications held by staff include: Certified Case Manager (CCM) and Certified Nurse Life Care Planners (CNLCP)