News Update – Summer 2012

News update from Donna:

It has been a busy time for Insight Rehab Consultants as we continue our work and personal activities.  Sometimes, time gets away from us and we don’t think of other things we need to do such as updating the news.

Okay, it’s got to be said, “It’s hot out there”!  Hopefully some rain will come in to nourish the crops as the farmers in our area are pretty concerned.   Brown seems to be the most visible color this year.  Even some of my flowers!  Oh well, some years are better than others.

When I sat for my state board exams for nursing, way back when, I found a tee shirt to wear that I found extremely appropriate at that time.  It was a Ziggy shirt (remember the cartoon like character?) with the caption, “Bored of Education”.  Well, I must have gotten past that as I was thrilled to attend the Executive Forum in Phoenix in May.  It was a wonderful learning opportunity for Nurse Life Care Planners and had some fabulous speakers.  Some of the vendors included Smart Vest, DynaVox and Theratogs. Ability Center brought a couple of modified vans to explore.  Biom Iwalk was also there with a couple of inspiring gentlemen in use of these prostheses.  If you haven’t seen this new technology, check it out at  Powered plantar flexion is a wonderful thing.  I was impressed!

Having just celebrated July 4th , our military personnel and their families are in our thoughts and prayers.  We are truly thankful for the sacrifices they make to protect our country and our freedoms.

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